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Yesterday dreamhost just upgraded to a new version of rails, taking doGooder down with it.

While fixing the problem (by following directions to temporarily revert to Rails 1.0), it was kind of lonely:

[admiralty]$ date
Wed Mar 29 06:58:38 PST 2006
[admiralty]$ who
wingerz  pts/0        Mar 29 05:40 ...
wingerz  pts/3        Mar 29 05:40 ...
wingerz  pts/4        Mar 29 06:58 ...
psq      pts/7        Mar 29 00:02 ...
wingerz  pts/13       Mar 28 21:02 ...

Not used to having nearly the entire server to myself.

Also, last week while setting up a cronjob to update the database, I invented a time machine.

[admiralty]$ date
Wed Mar 29 07:02:22 PST 2006
[admiralty]$ date
Wed Mar 29 07:02:21 PST 2006

It only goes 1 second backwards, but it’s a start.

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