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Been following video game-related blogs pretty closely over the past few days as the Electronic Entertainment Expo is going on in Los Angeles. Things have changed a lot since my earliest video gaming days, when I’d have to wait for the next issue of Nintendo Power or EGM to read about the big E3 announcements. In recent years things have been better, with news coming through the big gaming sites. Now I can get a lot of different viewpoints from various blogs.

Looking most forward to:

Super Paper Mario (gc) – Loved the art style and graphical effects of the previous games.

Zelda (wii) – After numerous delays, people inside Nintendo are calling this the best, most beautiful Zelda ever.

Super Mario Galaxy (wii) – New Mario game, getting lots of praise from bloggers. Gravity model looks pretty interesting.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (wii) – I’m going to play every match as the Nintendog.

Gotta love streaming video.

I’ve kind of been glossing over the PS3 ($600!?!?) and Xbox360 news. The screenshots look amazing, but the Wii is just too intriguing – I find myself wondering how the controller will be used in new games. Really looking forward to getting my hands on the controller to see what it feels like. Sounds like the overall buzz has been quite positive, which is a great sign for Nintendo.

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