No more pets

Posted in pets at 12:29 am by wingerz

Jen and Jordi came by last night to pick up Fred and George. I was quite sad to see them go, especially because they were finally starting to feel comfortable in the house and around us. Fred was still on the timid side but I took comfort in the fact that he continued to hide under the bed even when Jen (A. M.) tried to coax him out.

Random observations:

  • Only George knew how to open doors that we left a bit open – he was quite good at sticking his paw into doors that opened towards him and getting up on his hind legs to push doors that opened away from him.
  • The cats like turkey (I fed them while making sandwiches for myself).
  • One night I left a half-consumed can of cat food on the counter. A few minutes after turning off the lights, I heard the spoon fall out of the can. Coming out to investigate, I heard one of the cats jumping off the counter. It seems that they know they’re not supposed to be on counters and tables.
  • George is awesome at catching his red and white octopus with his front legs.

All in all, it was a fun experience, and I’m glad that Jen and Jordi trusted me with their beloved pets.

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