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The World Cup is over. It has been a fun month of watching soccer. Today’s game was quite exciting. How different things would have been had Zidane headed that ball into the corner instead of directly at Buffon (who made an awesome save). Instead, his vicious headbutt got him thrown out and cost his team a better shot at winning the game during penalty kicks. I wasn’t really rooting for anyone (maybe just a bit for Italy), but it was sad to see him leave the World Cup stage like that. Now that the World Cup is over, I may cancel the cable again (and revert to the basic channels).

A few nights ago after work, Ben, Alex, and I kicked a soccer ball around a bit. Brought back some good memories of youth league soccer.

I paid off my last mortgage in Animal Crossing. I didn’t get anything for it and am a bit disappointed. On the flip side, I have collected lots of interesting beetles and a hammerhead shark. Jen discovered that part of the game involves interior design, so she spent two hours redecorating my house.

I have become re-addicted to online Tetris DS. Jen and I played our first online matches this past week.

I picked up Drill Dozer from Best Buy because it was on sale for $10. Your primary weapon is a drill, which is used to defeat enemies, drill through obstacles, and interact with other game elements. The game has a built in rumble-pack which shakes as you activate the drill, which is a nice touch.

Played San Juan, a strategy card game that Jess and Cy love, for the first time yesterday. It was quite fun. Basically you build up a town out of different types of buildings that contribute to your point total and give you special privileges once you build them. For better or worse, I have an unhealthy (and irrational) obsession with the “Black Market” card.

Going to the Red Sox-A’s game on Thursday!

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