Game night

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Games played tonight:

We had four DS’s. MKDS is really nice in that people with and without the cartridge can play the same game. I’m inching closer to my dream of having an 8-player Mario Kart race (or a 10-player Tetris game), especially if I can get Jen and my sister to come next time (who will bring the total to 6). This is the best version of Mario Kart, even if I can’t beat anyone at it.

Busted out the Dreamcast for the first time in several years because it’s the only console I have that has VGA out (and therefore could be played on the projector). I missed my partner in Soul Calibur crime, crv. I can’t believe the Dreamcast was out five years ago because it still looks great. Hoping to hunt down a copy of Power Stone 2, since my copy got stolen (along with all my other games) several years ago.

I didn’t get around to playing any of the strategy games but somehow ended up giving San Juan advice despite only having played it a handful of times. I think Lee blamed his loss on me. Besides that it was a very good night.

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