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Through my work with Boston Latin Academy, our office’s partner school, I’ve gotten to know Cathleen, our regional corporate community relations program manager. A few weeks ago she told me that there was an opportunity to speak to some high school students, so I decided to do it. It turned out to be the Research Science Institute (RSI) summer program at MIT, which puts 75 rising high school seniors into a six-week research internship. I found out that one of my college friends actually participated in the program.

I had dinner with a handful of students and the director of the program and talked for an hour about software engineering, Adtech, the Semantic Web, and the process of learning to program. It was quite fun until I realized that I was 10 years older than the students. High school is now officially A Long Time Ago.

Our summer internships are starting to wrap up as well. We have about a week and a half until our demos are to be shown. Queso is coming along. I’ve been spending a good amount of time working, which explains the recent lack of posting on my blog.

As I was lining up for the Chinatown bus to come back from New York last weekend, I saw the young lady in front of me holding a Cambridge IBM printout cover sheet. Turns out that her boyfriend is working upstairs with CUE for the summer and is going to MIT in the fall. He’s actually going to be joining the Simile group, which does Semantic Web research. It’s a small world.

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