End of the summer

Posted in personal, semantic web at 9:18 am by wingerz

On Wednesday our interns, Ben, and I drove down to Southbury, CT to demo Queso, our summer project. The final part of our demo showed a Queso-backed TiddlyWiki containing an entry with some RDFa encoding a calendar event. It displayed nicely as rendered HTML, but it was also query-able via SPARQL, so we dumped it (along with some other events) onto a Google Map as well as a Timeline. Mashup heaven!

Yesterday Sean hosted his annual Adtech summer barbecue at his lake house in Webster, MA. The entire day was incredibly pleasant. We hung out and ate on the deck, rested in the hammock, swam in the lake, canoed around a nearby island, went for a boat ride, and were dragged about mercilessly in the Megabird. The water was calm, comfortable, and beautiful.

Today is the interns’ last day. It’s been a fun, productive summer. Will definitely miss having them around, especially since they increased the size of our group by over 50%.

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