Flickr Geotagging Concern

Posted in web at 5:35 pm by wingerz


Flickr recently introduced geotagging support to photos. Apparently it has been quite successful so far, with users tagging well over a million photos since it was first released. It’s pretty easy to use – you can just drag your photos onto a Yahoo Map and flickr will take care of the rest.

While I’m all for having more photo metadata, it is a little scary to think that a non-tech-savvy person might tag personal photos of children, home interiors, and other stuff with the exact coordinates of his or her home (and also pinpoint the location of their camera(s), which might be quite expensive). Flickr lets you set a default privacy level for the geotags (private, friends/family, public), but they recommend the public setting.

In short, I’m hoping that users will be smart about what they geotag. Publicly geotagging your home (or a friend’s place) is not a good idea.

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