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At lunch today I went to see the CEO of Cecropia, Omar Khudari, speak to the MIT Game Tycoons Club. Cecropia is working on a game called The Act, an beautifully-drawn interactive animated movie where the user controls the action via a rotating knob. In the first interactive scene (of eight), the protagonist (the handsome character to the left) tries to flirt with his love interest – turn the knob too far to one side and he grabs her and tries to give her a big kiss, turn the knob less and he casually glances her way. There is no speech; all of the emotion is delivered by the music and the incredible animation – the first few scenes had the entire room laughing. The initial plan is to distribute the game as an arcade machine, to attract people who wouldn’t otherwise play video games. Be on the lookout for it in local bars and arcades.

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