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  • Finished Beyond Good and Evil. An excellent play. Kind of similar in gameplay to Zelda, with well-designed dungeons. Beautiful graphics, immersive sound. The storyline is great, complete with aliens and conspiracies and talking animals. And the in-game camera is perfect for taking pictures of all of the above. Despite being well-reviewed, this game tanked; it’s a shame that it failed to sell while unoriginal sequels flourish.
  • Started Metroid Prime, one of the big holes in my gaming resume. It’s been awesome so far even though I’m not a huge FPS fan. Auto-targeting helps a lot.
  • About halfway through Daxter, a cute, polished platformer. So far my favorite part has been the playful music.
  • Recently received Starfox Command from Phil. Haven’t really played it all that much yet.
  • Looking forward to some Nintendo news tomorrow. Japanese press conference starts at 1am EST, US press conference at 9am EST. They’re almost certainly going to announce the date and price. Ideally it would be a release next week for $150 (being produced and packaged), it’ll probably end up being early November for $200-250.

A note on my current gaming habits – I tend to play an hour or two here and there, so it can take me months to finish a game. I’ve pretty much given up on traditional RPGs because they take a long time and the gameplay is pretty standard. I also have trouble staying interested in platformers (like Daxter) and 2D exploration games (I may pass on the latest Castlevania game). It’s a bit easier with portables since I can chip away at them while waiting to pick up Jen or getting ready for bed. The things that really catch my attention these days: outstanding gameplay, great stories, multiplayer excellence, and creativity. I’ve been very happy with my DS and am looking forward to the Wii. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some good news!

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