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Up until the past few weeks, I had only purchased items on eBay – mostly in college when I was going through my Jet Li phase (my sister and I watched Fist of Legend four times in a row during one of her east coast trips). Back in those days I had to deal with sending money orders or checks in the mail, and I imagine the sellers were making trips to the post office to send me my kung fu VCDs.

In any case, Jen and I recently shuffled things around in our study. I re-discovered a lot of my old video games and decided to finally sell some of them (since I’m sort of saving up for a new camera). It turns out that one of the old PS1 games (Lunar 2, a gift from Phil), was worth $100-150 (I ended up selling it for $100, after getting inquiries about it from Belgium, Brazil, and Finland). I was surprised to see a few of my old Dreamcast games go for $25-30. eBay’s streamlined the entire process – just punch in the bar code number of a game, and it inserts a well-written description and box art for you. Once the auction is done, accept a payment through Paypal, print a mailing label (my small scale came in handy), and drop it off in the mail. Sure, they skim a few percent off here and there, but it saves me from multiple trips to the bank and post office, so it’s well worth it.

I’ve got a few more things that I will probably sell in the next few weeks. Not because they are worth anything (they aren’t) but because I figure that some gamer out there will get a bargain, and a game that has been collecting dust in our basement for years will get a new home.

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  1. Phil said,

    July 20, 2009 at 3:12 am

    not Lunar… why!?!

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