Another blogger in the family

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Sad Scone

Last night I set up a blog for my sister, who wanted to a place to write about food. She’s a much more prolific writer than me, but I imagine she will slow down a bit once school starts in a few weeks. Check it out to find out why the scone is sad.


At least she’s paying attention

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Kid’s mom mistakes Castlevania FAQ for murder plans.


Mario Kart is the new foosball

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DS Lite

At work, we used to play a good amount of foosball – a couple of games after lunch, another few mid-afternoon, and maybe a few more right before taking off. This pasttime has been replaced by Mario Kart DS now that five of us have it. It seems that the DS has reached a tipping point, at least among people I know. A few weeks ago I played with Lee, Brian, and Wilson (who are in MA, PA, and CA), which was awesome. And in Tetris DS, I’ve finally found a game that interests Jen.

Some DS links:

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