JavaScript SPARQL Editor Improvement

Posted in development, semantic web at 9:00 pm by wingerz


Last week Danny Ayers put up a JavaScript SPARQL editor. This afternoon I grabbed his code and pasted it into our SPARQL web UI (by Elias Torres and Lee Feigenbaum), tweaking a few things in our code along the way.

You can construct your query on the ‘Query’ tab and set the endpoint and add graphs on the ‘Graphs’ tab.

The code still needs a bit of clean-up and I’d like to tweak a few more things, but I thought I’d throw it out there. If you click on ‘Get Results’ with all of the default settings, you should get some results. Note that it currently only works in Firefox and requires the UniversalBrowserRead privilege to run.

Give it a try: JavaScript SPARQL Editor/Submitter.

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