Wii Dev Tool Simplifies Gesture Recognition

Posted in games at 11:15 pm by wingerz


In honor of Gamestop/EBGames’ Wii pre-order day, here’s an article about AiLive, a development tool for programming gestures for the Wii remote. It features a great video showing how easy it is to program using gestures – the demo-er starts recording input from the controller, repeats an action several times, and gives the gesture a label. It’ll be a great tool, especially for the smaller development studios. This should make things easier for players too – hopefully developers of gesture-based games will expose this functionality to users so that they can record some of their own custom gestures.

I didn’t pre-order today; hopefully there’s enough supply for me to swing by a store in the suburbs to grab one around launch day. Just about a month to go!

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