Clover Studio Closing

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viewtiful joe

This morning I was saddened to find out that Capcom is shutting down Clover Studio, a group known for developing very creative, colorful games. Viewtiful Joe is one of my favorite games of all time, and the recently released Okami has motivated me to want to borrow a PS2 to give it a try. This is clearly a very talented development studio and it’s a shame to see it dissolved.

[Update: Actually, I just found out that Viewtiful Joe was developed by another studio. Oh well. VJ2 was still fun and Okami still looks awesome. And what’s this? They might just be forming an independent studio.]

[Update: A random thought: Perhaps Clover was fed-up with having to do so many VJ rehashes and ports. Unfortunately, it’s going to be tough for them to make it on their own without a big publisher backing them – after all, great games don’t necessarily sell. In my dream world, they would get picked up by Nintendo and given free reign. Something Okami-like for the Wii would be unbelievable, and Nintendo fans would welcome some non-Metroid/Mario/Zelda/Starfox games.]


Blog Reorg

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One of the weird things about programming is that you can spend a good amount of time doing something like refactoring or reorganizing your code and you feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards, even if no one notices.

I’ve heard that it’s good to have some area of focus for your blog. Unfortunately, there are a variety of topics that I enjoy posting about. Rather than set up two blogs, I’ve decided to separate the content into four main areas:

  • Technology: Work, coding, techy stuff.
  • Food: Eating in and dining out, hopefully with a lot of drool-inducing photos.
  • Games: Video games and other diversions, mostly Nintendo fanboyism.
  • Personal: Life events and observations, along with wacky stuff that comes my way.

The few lines of code that I had to write/update dealt with feed generation – I just wanted to be able to pass a category name to the function that creates feed links. I also had to modify one SQL statement so that it would fetch comments on posts in a specified category rather than all comments on all posts. WordPress’s comment feed code was RSS only, so I decided to use Feedburner to expose the feed in other formats.

I’m still playing around with the category hierarchy. I’d also like to make it more obvious that there are four areas, probably by applying a different theme to each one.

In the end, I’m not sure how much of a difference this will make because I’m surrounded by engineers who love to play video games and cook.


Video games in The Office

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The Office - Call of Duty

Already my favorite show on TV, The Office stepped it up this week by including some multiplayer gaming. Jim, who recently transferred to this branch, is quite the n00b.


JavaScript SPARQL Editor Improvement

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Last week Danny Ayers put up a JavaScript SPARQL editor. This afternoon I grabbed his code and pasted it into our SPARQL web UI (by Elias Torres and Lee Feigenbaum), tweaking a few things in our code along the way.

You can construct your query on the ‘Query’ tab and set the endpoint and add graphs on the ‘Graphs’ tab.

The code still needs a bit of clean-up and I’d like to tweak a few more things, but I thought I’d throw it out there. If you click on ‘Get Results’ with all of the default settings, you should get some results. Note that it currently only works in Firefox and requires the UniversalBrowserRead privilege to run.

Give it a try: JavaScript SPARQL Editor/Submitter.

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