November 2006: A Gaming Month to Remember

Posted in games at 8:19 pm by wingerz


Video game news is pretty overwhelming right now. Guitar Hero 2 is better than the original. Gears of War is being tagged as the 360’s killer app as it collects incredible reviews. FFXII came out a few weeks ago, and I’ve been keeping tabs on Lee and Ben‘s progress. Zelda is coming out later this month, along with the PS3 and the Wii. Amidst it all I find myself with very little time to play games outside of our office’s Mario Kart sessions. But it’s still fun to follow the news and dreamily anticipate new hardware despite the stack of unplayed games in my living room.

My next purchase may be Elite Beat Agents, the sequel to a Japanese game. It’s a music/rhythm game featuring male cheerleaders wearing suits. Basically every screenshot of it looks absolutely ridiculous, and I enjoyed the demo of it that’s been floating around for the past few months (most DS retailers have stations where you can wirelessly download DS demos by picking ‘Download Play’ from the boot menu).

In any case, I’m looking forward to some quality gaming hours this winter when the weather is terrible and Jen is busy studying.

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