“Done” with Zelda

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Last night I finished Zelda. It was a phenomenal experience, correcting some of the problems that plagued Wind Waker (not enough dungeons, clunky navigation in the overworld). In the end it took me about 41 hours, but I pretty much charged through the story, missing some of the upgrades, heart pieces, and treasure chests along the way. Sometimes when a game is this long I lose motivation to complete it, but this kept my interest all the way through.

+Dungeons: For me, the heart and soul of a Zelda game is the dungeon design, and in this respect Twilight Princess is extremely successful. At a few points in the game (that I remember very vividly), I was “stuck” for a few minutes on a puzzle, but managed to reason my way through it after looking around. I love a game that poses a decent challenge without driving me to GameFAQs every other night.

+Overworld navigation: Take the scenic route on your horse or warp there directly. Walking is an option as well, but not a very fast or exciting one.

+Swordfighting: Loved the new sword techniques (although you can get by without them) and one-on-one swordfights against bigger, uglier enemies. Can’t wait for the Zelda built from the ground up for the Wii.

+Lots of cats: They’re all over the place, and you can pick them up.

Controls: Aiming with the remote was great, especially for picking off faraway enemies. The motion sensing for swordfighting was a bit too sensitive – sometimes I’d trigger it by shaking my leg or moving the nunchuk around.

Creepy NPCs: Bug-collecting girl could have been in Resident Evil. And those clowns are definitely up to no good. And the birds with human heads are just freaky.

-Bosses: Beautifully modeled and cool in concept. Unfortunately, overall they were on the easy side. My fairy was with me from the time I scooped her up into a jar. This isn’t a horrible thing, but it definitely lessens how memorable the encounters are.

-Wallet management. I was trying to collect 598 rupees. I had 550 and found a treasure chest containing a 100-rupee coin. It wouldn’t let me pick it up because my 600-rupee wallet was full.

I’ll almost certainly go back and wander around the world. Hyrule is a beautiful place to explore, and I’m kind of sad about completing the story. Overall, it’s a spectacular game and one of the best I’ve played.

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