Spanish Tortilla

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A few weeks ago, Jen told me she had been craving a Spanish Tortilla, an egg and potato dish made by her Spanish roommates when she was living in Pamplona. I actually remember the night that her roommate Sophia made it for us – she used a lot of olive oil and was quite adept at flipping the tortilla (see Step 4 below). Since we had a lot of potatoes last week (thanks to a buy 1 bag, get 2 bags free promotion at the grocery store), I decided to give it a shot.

The end result was quite tasty. Authentic tortillas are a bit thicker, so I think my pan is a bit too wide to do the job perfectly. Be sure to get your potatoes to your desired thickness before mixing it with the egg.

Spanish Tortilla
This recipe is taken directly from here. The original site has some nice pictures to go along with each step.

4 medium sized potatoes of a good variety for frying.
4 eggs, preferably if they are from free grain-fed hens
Half an onion (medium size), finely chopped
ExtraVirgin Olive Oil (EVOO) of a soft variety such as Hojiblanca
Salt (about a teaspoon, but it would depend on your taste and the amount of onion you use)

1. Preparing your ingredients. Peel the potatoes, wash and dry with a cloth. Cut them in halves through the long axis Cut them in slices, about 2mm thick Put in a bowl, add the chopped onion and salt, stir.
2. The first Frying. Fry them in EVOO in a pan, with not much oil. If you put a lot of oil you’d get crusty french fries and you want them to be soft and tender, so you have to be very careful with the oil temperature and the amount of oil. I usually set my vitro ceramic at about 6/12. It is quite possible that they get stuck amongst them. After all, they don’t have so much space in the pan. Cook for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the variety of the potato.
3. The Mixing. Put the eggs on a bowl and give them a few strokes with a fork. A key for success is not to get them perfectly beaten. Take the potatoes out of the pan, trying to avoid an EVOO excess. I usually put them directly in the bowl with the eggs. Let the potatoes rest with the eggs for a while, perhaps 5 minutes will do. This way, fried potatoes will absorb part of the lightly beaten eggs, making it even more yummy.
4. The Shaping (or Second Frying). Now put a small pan (smaller than the one you used for frying the potatoes) and a very small amount of EVOO. Let it gain temperature, drop the mix from the bowl and stir a bit. Now let it sit for a while, because you want the external part to fry while the internal remains tender and wet. As soon as you feel you can put it upside down… do it. I usually turn it with a plastic apparel I bought specially for that matter, sort of a plate with a handle in the center, but you could do it with a plate and a bit of training. Also, I usually turn it about 4 times.

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