Thoughts on DSLR ownership

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I’ve had my Rebel XT for well over a month now. No regrets about making the switch from point-and-shoot so far. Some random thoughts:

It’s not that clunky. I’ve taken the camera everywhere with me, including two hikes. I’ve also biked with it. Carrying the camera bag around isn’t as bad as I thought.

It’s still easy to take bad pictures. Not all that surprising. At least now I know it’s mostly my fault and not the camera’s. I definitely am more aware of shaking-induced blurriness in photos than I used to be.

The XTi would have been nice too.. Occasionally I find myself thinking that it would have been nice to have the XTi’s extra autofocus points (especially the ones at the thirds), but overall I’m very happy with my decision. Especially since it meant that I stayed under budget.

Post-processing takes time. I’ve been shooting in RAW and tweaking each image a bit before converting to JPEG. Also, I need to do a better job of keeping track of metadata so that later on I can export to RDF and query my images with SPARQL.

I’ve controlled the desire to acquire new accessories. Next big purchase will probably be a decent tripod and ballhead, but that won’t be for at least a few months.

It’s easy to learn on your own. Favorite blogs include Digital Photography School and the similarly named Photojojo and Photodoto. There are also a lot of self-guided courses and podcasts. This is what I love about the Internet, though I’m sure I would benefit greatly from some formal instruction.

There are some drawbacks. Unless someone else knows how to use an SLR, I don’t end up in that many pictures (I guess that’s where the tripod will come in handy). Non-DSLR owners appear intimidated when I bust it out. Jen is about to kill me for taking so many pictures of her. And all of a sudden, a few hundred dollars doesn’t seem like it buys you that much.

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