Citizen Schools, Week 4

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At this point we look forward to the surprises that every Monday brings. This past week, we got two brand new students, and a student who had supposedly been dismissed from the program for behavior issues was back in class. We shuffled our pre-arranged seating to accommodate the changes as students were finding their seats. The new students were great – they picked up the material quickly and worked well together.

The class went reasonably well – we covered boolean functions (AND and OR). Students are still struggling with writing functions; it’s a pretty big leap in abstraction that they haven’t quite mastered yet. Fortunately, disruptions were kept to a minimum so that we could focus on teaching the content.

I think that I’ve become more comfortable with the idea of not trying to befriend all of the students. I gave out my first strike of the year, and I’ve definitely tried to not humor students who are obviously trying to push the behavior envelope.

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