Another 5 kitchen tools

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So after I posted last night about kitchen gadgets, some of the others felt betrayed and demanded their own post.

1. Meat thermometer: Cook meat to perfection without having to slice through it to see if it’s cooked (remove from heat at 130 for medium rare beef, 135 for medium beef, 145 for pork, 165 for chicken). Use it sparingly though since juices will leak out of the holes that you leave. Since I have still not mastered the art of telling done-ness by feel, this is my only hope of consistently getting it right.
2. Grill: Not really a kitchen tool, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying a pleasant evening outdoors with meat sizzling on the grill. Ours is a small Weber propane grill.
3. Stand mixer: As Joy pointed out, this is awesome for beating egg whites and whipping cream. I usually use mine for cookie doughs and cake batters.
4. Whisk: Mixing things by hand is fun too. I’ve been mixing my own salad dressings for a few years now, and I also regularly use this for scrambling eggs.
5. Mini food processor: Great for making bread crumbs and saving you from having to do a lot of fine chopping. Have considered upgrading to a full-sized one, but for now the small one does the job.

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