Summertime companions

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Even though my lovely wife decided to leave for another summer, she was able to find me some roommates. For the past several months, Sheamus and Annabelle have been keeping me company. Sheamus (the Shameless) craves attention and is quite loud. The first time I met him over at his house, he immediately jumped into my lap and sat there for half an hour. He has been the life of every dinner I’ve hosted this summer. Annabelle is more cat-like in her demeanor, but still quite friendly on the cat scale. She has become more demanding in the past few weeks, tapping my hand while I’m typing to let me know that she’d like to be pet. They are both beautiful animals, full of personality. They are also quite tolerant of being chased around, hugged, and photographed.

Tonight is their last night here and I’ll be quite sad to see them go. It’s been a fun summer! Thanks to Joanna for entrusting me with her children, Jen for setting everything up, and the cats for being such good companions.

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