Dutch oven fun

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Several of my friends got dutch ovens over the holidays. We’ve had ours for nearly three years, and it has produced many tasty braises and stews. A few other accessories that can help a lot:
Wooden spatula: With a flat edge, for scraping up the bits from the bottom of the dutch oven after the meat has been browned.
Splatter screen: Hot oil can splatter everywhere, so protect yourself and everything around the stove.
Tongs: Makes flipping things over a lot easier.
Two oven mitts: The handles can get really hot.

And a few cooking tips:
Pick the right cut of meat. Some (with high collagen content) are better for braising than others.
Salt liberally before browning. This draws moisture to the surface, giving you a better crust.
Leave space. When browning smaller pieces of meat, be sure to leave space in between. Do an extra batch if you need to.
Monitor heat. Especially when you’re working with multiple batches don’t it get too hot or else you may get some charring. There shouldn’t be too much smoke when you’re browning meat.
Be careful. The pot is really heavy and gets very hot.

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  1. joy said,

    January 14, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    oh, and you should try making ‘no-knead bread’ in your dutch oven :)

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