Day 5: Detour to Lake Manyara

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Day 5: March 19


We thank the Maasai and leave camp early in the morning. This is our day to ride atop the luggage jeep – it’s got a bench that seats four situated behind the main cabin. Dodging prickly branches is more of a problem because you can’t duck back inside like you can in the other vehicles. Eventually we come to a large grassy clearing; our guides get out to investigate whether we’ll be able to get across the mud. When they come back they have decided to give it a shot with one jeep, probably figuring that there are about 15 young men to extricate the jeep should anything happen. The jeep charges ahead forcefully, kicking up mud chunks before getting stuck about halfway through.

After rescuing the jeep, we alter our plan of going to Tarangire Park and head instead to Lake Manyara. We pass through several villages. The terrain is quite dry. We get caught in a drenching downpour – by the time we get ourselves into the cabin, we’re already soaking wet. The sun comes back out soon and we dry quickly. The seven hour drive flies by.


Lake Manyara rests on the western edge of the Great Rift Valley. The lake occupies 89 square miles, and the surrounding area is home to many animals. We drive along well-marked paths, and we see other people out on safari, finding ourselves behind three other cars at some point. Many of the animals seem accustomed to being watched. Highlights include lots of baboons in the forest, giraffes in the plains, an elephant family (including a baby), and a pool full of hippos.


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    May 18, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    you forgot the blue-balled monkey.

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