Goodbye, Condo

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I’ve been neglecting this blog over the past few months – the travel journals are unfinished, no new recipes have gone up, and photos are posted very occasionally. The travel schedule has been packed, but there’s also been a lot going on as we’ve been preparing for our move to California.

Over the past few weeks Jen and I have been saying goodbye to our condo. It’s been a fantastic home and I’ll probably write a few more posts about it. We adore it for many reasons, including its amazing kitchen, abundance of light, high ceilings, elegant crown molding, and continuity (every room flows into several others). We are willing to look past its lack of closet space and discrimination against the short (Jen can barely see herself in the bathroom mirror) because it was otherwise the perfect house for us.

Anyhow, the goodbye process has been pretty long, starting from when it went on the market. All of our kitchen appliances, used to their positions on the counter, were boxed up and taken downstairs. We’ve done several photo sessions and have been noticing “lasts” (like last home-cooked meal, last walk to the farmer’s market, last night sleeping in the blue bedroom). The packers came on Wednesday, arranging our possessions into 96 (!) boxes stacked around the house. The movers then came on Thursday and carried everything out in 2 hours, leaving us with an air mattress, cable modem, and wireless router. The condo maintained its charm admirably, even when it had no comfortable places to sit. We enjoyed dessert and Olympics together last night.

Jen left this morning, and now it’s feeling less like home. I don’t look forward to coming back over the next few evenings. I’m not sure which will make me sadder – looking into these empty rooms or reminiscing about all of the great memories created in each one.

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