Goodbye, Adtech

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The most ridiculous thing about my stay at Adtech (my IBM group) is that it lasted longer than college. There were about twenty of us, and we formed a talented, self-contained, and self-directing group. By the time I arrived, Adtech had already established itself and was charting its own course. The thing that kept me coming in (and enjoying it) was the team. We became very close, eating lunch together nearly every day. There were a good number of social gatherings with the extended Adtech family which includes several adorable children and lots of cool significant others. Jen and I played on the Adtech softball team for a year, which was a lot of fun.

The work was always interesting and changing at a good pace – projects were long enough to develop a deeper understanding of the technology but not so long that they dragged on. It was difficult to get the attention of the behemoth that is IBM, but it’s good to see that all of my work hasn’t completely disappeared. Technology areas included a rich Internet application framework, cluster computing and monitoring, a tiny bit of graphics programming, and Semantic Web technologies. I was also able to get involved in several community educational programs.

Even though most of us have left IBM, we’ve been meeting up on a semi-regular basis for lunch in Kendall Square. I’ll miss hanging out, though there are good number of us in the Bay Area now. Hoping to stay in close touch with everyone and to visit occasionally before the kids all grow up.

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