Africa Day 10: Travel arrangements, Africa-style

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Day 10: March 24: Flight to Nairobi


Just ran into our first major snafu of the trip – seven are being left behind in Kigali because not all of our seats are reserved. In fact, I’m not sure if any of the seats were reserved. Getting the rest of us on the plane is a struggle (handled admirably by Bob and Abhinav), and we hold the entire plane from leaving until we’re on. (In the banner image above, that’s Bob on the left, working on the airline computers. This is clearly not an ideal situation.)

In other fun travel news, Panos stepped behind the counter and ran up the check-in luggage conveyor belt to retrieve his bag. Good times. We’re heading to Dar es Salaam through Kenya, which is supposedly safe now.

Assorted group travel notes:

  • no one has been late or missed any of the (very) early-morning meeting times
  • Bob and Abhinav continue to take fantastic care of us, insulating us from having to worry about anything
  • some people are addicted to playing cards

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