Africa Day 12: Paradise

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Day 12: 3/26, Tanzanite Resort, Zanzibar


Surrounded by thatch umbrellas and turquoise-blue waters. Getting here was quite an adventure – we took the ferry over from Dar. Not unexpectedly there were many more passengers than seats. Boarding the boat was total chaos. People were everywhere, trying to push their way past our huge backpacks (unsuccessfully, once we coordinated our positioning to block them out). The ferry cabin was air conditioned but I spent most of my time looking out from the back of the boat since I didn’t get a seat. Zanzibar has a very large Muslim population, so we saw a lot of men wearing turbans and women in body-length clothing. On the back deck people tried to find places to sleep. One man with a bag full of snacks kept throwing his wrappers overboard. After the multi-hour ride, we made it off the boat with all of our stuff.

* * *

The boats in the harbor are of all shapes and sizes – a large Chinese cargo ship, distinctive dhows, and small sailboats. The water here is very beautiful. We relax outside for an hour or so before some grey clouds roll in. Looks like we will be here for three nights – hoping to snorkel tomorrow, visit Stone Town the day after.

Sea urchins and jellyfish populate the nearby coastal waters, but that doesn’t stop Abhinav and Sim from swimming. Salamanders run around near lights (in the evening), looking for unsuspecting moths.

The resort consists of several small cottages and a large open dining area with a thatched roof. The daily menu is written on the chalkboard; typically the choice is between fish and pasta. The food is simple but nicely done. Besides our large group, there aren’t many other guests. We’re right on the water, with beaches to both sides of us. We’re happy to spend the last part of our trip in a relaxing, do-nothing setting.

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