Africa Day 0 & 1: Prelude

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Need to catch up on a handful of journal entries since I jumped straight into day 3 when I first started writing. Almost done!

Day 0: 3/14 Boston, MA, Logan

It still hasn’t sunk in that we’ll be in Africa in two days. In the first few hours I’ve already realized that traveling in a group will make things a lot easier. Tomorrow (a 15-hour layover in London) will probably be stress-free but after that I don’t know what to expect. Should be the experience of a lifetime, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be pleasant. Biggest worries – geting sick / getting robbed / losing camera stuff. The rest has been mitigated by traveling in a big group. Mostly looking forward to going on safari.

Day 1: 3/15, London

London is a bit underwhelming, but I think it is partially my fault. I would love to come back some day. We take a walking tour with an eccentric guide who tries to shepherd a huge group of us along the Thames, and I just stop paying attention. I also haven’t done much research ahead of time, and someone else is holding the guidebooks so I don’t really feel all that invested in learning about things we see. Too damn tired to have the patience to enjoy the Tate Modern, though I think it is a great museum (and Jen really likes it).

We have lunch at the bustling Borough Market. It’s a huge, huge farmer’s market and food court. I am mesmerized by all of the options and delicious smells. I eat a lamb burger, baguette, and chocolate croissant.

London seems quite mundane in comparison to what’s in store. Glad that tomorrow is another travel day because it will ease us slowly into being in a completely foreign land. Safari should be a low-stress way to kick things off.

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