Africa 2008: The complete journal

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Nearly 8 months later, I’ve finally finished my travel blog. Good thing I kept that notebook – it’s probably one of the smartest things I’ve done this year. Really wanted to share this experience with loved ones since they may not get the opportunity to go themselves. Had a good time scribbling into it at airports and before bed every night, sometimes by the light from my headlamp. Going to post a few more entries on how my camera enjoyed the trip before I’m completely done with Africa. Eventually I’ll get around to posting some thoughts on our trip to Europe over the summer, but that may wait until next year.

Day 0 & 1: Prelude
Day 2: We have arrived
Day 3: We’re on safari!
Day 4: View from above
Day 4: Lion tracking
Day 4: Eulogy for a goat
Day 4: Fun with Maasai
Day 5: Detour to Lake Manyara
Day 5: Luxury camping
Day 6: Descent into the crater
Day 7: Waiting for school
Day 7: End of safari
Day 7: Off to Rwanda
Day 8: Remembering the genocide
Day 9: Gorillas in the mist
Day 10: Shopping in Rwanda
Day 10: Leaving Rwanda
Day 10: Travel arrangements, Africa-style
Day 11: Dar, home away from home
Day 12: Paradise
Day 13: Snorkeling Mnemba
Day 13: Sunset dhow cruise
Day 14: Zanzibar for tourists
Day 15: Seeing sealife (and eating it)
Day 16: Going home
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  1. Rob said,

    December 3, 2008 at 5:25 pm

    Thanks for sharing the trip, Wing. It’s been a pleasure read about.

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