Batman: Arkham Asylum

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from ign

I haven’t played a game as engrossing as Batman: Arkham Asylum in a very long time. I stayed up until 3am Friday night playing it and finished it up starting at 830am this morning. It’s a phenomenal game, kind of Metroid-vania-ish in nature.

The game is really immersive. The graphics are phenomenal and the controls make it really easy to pull off lots of different maneuvers. You never panic when facing hoards of enemies because everything feels really natural. All of the locales are distinct and rich. The gadgets are really fun (and useful). The story is good enough to stand on its own. For once I actually feel motivated to collect bonuses because some of them are really interesting (like interviews with some of the villains).

Minor complaints: boss battles can be a bit easy/simplistic, and the game is a bit too helpful at times when giving hints. The sewer level is annoying (though most games have many more annoying parts than this one does). It’s also a bit on the easy side, but I didn’t mind since I was too busy exploring and being a badass superhero. Also I want to drive the Batmobile.

Before playing this, I was worried that I was outgrowing video games. I was also worried that I’d never really be impressed by the PS3. Batman changed all that.

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