Favorite recipes of 2009

Posted in equipment, food, home cooking at 3:01 am by wingerz

  1. Cream scones
  2. Easy and delicious, especially with fresh fruit jam. This might be my favorite recipe of the year; I’ve made it at least five times, probably more.

  3. Peach pie (lattice)
  4. Lattice-top is impressive but easier than it looks.

  5. Fresh fruit tart
  6. Ultimate summer dessert. I miss fresh peaches.

  7. Braised short ribs
  8. Tender beef in a rich sauce. Works well as a make-ahead recipe.

  9. Shrimp fra diavolo
  10. I love shrimp.

I’m sad to have not included a fish recipe in the top 5, maybe next year.

Of the new kitchen equipment I acquired, the food processor that I got for Christmas last year has been life-changing. I use it to mix all sorts of doughs for pastries, pies, and pasta. Recently I’ve been using it to grate potatoes and carrots. It’s quite an amazing machine.

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