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I haven’t been blogging much lately but that doesn’t mean that our kitchen has been quiet. A few months ago I started making pastries. Our butter consumption has skyrocketed and I think my work pals will die young, but at least we’ll be well fed.

Launching yelp.fr inspired me to tackel chocolate croissants. They turned out to be easier than I thought to make (lots of resting time), but they might be the best thing that’s ever come out of our kitchen. The Danish braid was quite tasty too – I made five of them (two apricot, one cheese, one strawberry, and one cherry).

The recipes are a bit too long and don’t make much sense without the diagrams, so I’m leaving them out. They’re both from ATK’s Family Baking Book.


I got a lot done this month

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  • my team launched a ton of FB integration features
  • my team launched yelp.fr
  • slept at the office once
  • got my wisdom teeth out
  • got some new toys: another stainless steel pan, slow cooker, some knives, and a 50d
  • celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary (actually I still owe Jen dinner) and 31st birthday

Finally caught a break today with the team today: enjoyed 9 holes of frisbee golf and a quick ultimate game in Golden Gate Park. Nothing like running around and getting grass stains everywhere on a gorgeous spring day to recharge after four intense weeks of working late nights and weekends.