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It’s been tough to find time to play video games this year, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a few hours here and there.

Most recently I finished Guacamelee and The Wonderful 101. Both are highly creative but playing them together really highlighted how amazing Guacamelee is.

The Wonderful 101 was fun overall but kind of a grind at times, and occasionally confusing and buggy. The controls worked pretty well (there were some complaints in reviews about drawing shapes for special moves). The characters weren’t that interesting. The continue system would let you restart midway through a battle which took away some of the satisfaction of beating something. Definitely not as polished or enjoyable as previous Platinum games like Viewtiful Joe but I’m still glad I played through it.

Guacamelee is a pleasure to play. It’s a Metroidvania-style game with simple (but gorgeous) graphics, tight controls, fun combat, and hilarious content (there’s a move called the ‘Dashing Derpderp’ and a funny little goat man). The platforming is devious at times and the bosses are satisfying to beat. Also a lot of reviews call out the game as being beatable in under 6 hours as a negative, but that’s actually a huge bonus in my book.

Also I should call out Super Mario 3D World as my favorite game of the year. In an uncharacteristic multiplayer gaming binge, I was able to finish the game with a couple of friends over the course of a weekend. Multiplayer Mario works much, much better in 3D. This game is an absolute pleasure to play.

Other random gaming thoughts:
* It took a few months but I finally didn’t regret owning a Wii U. Played through Pikmin 3 (perhaps the most beautiful Nintendo game ever). Working my way through Rayman Legends, which of course is gorgeous, fun, and polished (after a half year delay). One sad thing is that we finally have a HD Nintendo system and one of the big selling points of the system is that you can play it on a little non-HD tablet (which also runs out of batteries incredibly quickly – they are finally making bigger battery packs available).
* Tomb Raider was really good. Kind of creepy at times, but gorgeous. Uncharted 3 was not bad, but all the Uncharted games are kind of blending together. I enjoyed Uncharted: Golden Abyss more than I thought I would.
* Finally beat Chrono Trigger. I have a letter from my buddy phil dated 7/13/95 asking me to buy the game and beat it. No problem, Phil, it’s done! Overall a fun year on the 3DS. Played through 999 in the hospital when Max was born. Against my better judgment I got Animal Crossing and Pokemon Y but didn’t play either one as much as some of my work buddies (how do you log 100 hours of Pokemon in under 3 weeks?). Now I’m playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

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