Starting Bloodborne

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I’ve been playing Bloodborne this week. Initially it felt like an extremely ill-advised purchase; the only Souls game that I played previously was Demon’s Souls, which I never fully got into (I think I got to the first boss after a few hours). Generally I’m not one to shy away from challenging games (Cave Story, Donkey Kong Country Returns), but I was worried that I wouldn’t have the patience for Bloodborne since I can only piece together a few hours of gaming a week.

I’m still only a few hours in, but it’s really started to click in the past two nights. The initial mob encounter killed me over and over. I finally got through but died in the next section when the ogre got bored of banging the gates and came looking for me. Nearly every new enemy killed me at least once. One of the turning points was when I started becoming more aggressive with my use of bullets and blood vials (they’re pretty much everywhere so they don’t really need to be conserved). Getting to the first boss was a revelation – despite the fact that I got destroyed, I was finally able to level up myself and my weapons (didn’t realize I had to repair my blade until I realized it was taking much longer to take down enemies). Last night I beat the first boss, played through a new area of the game without dying, got some fancy new attire, and can now kill ogres with relative ease. Of course I still get killed by easy guys once in a while if I don’t pay attention.

The atmosphere is incredibly creepy; the enemies are strong but some of them are really dumb. It’s really satisfying to feel myself getting better at the game. In general I’m not very good with directions/maps in games, but I’ve gone through some of the areas so many times that I can picture them in my head. Looking forward to playing more, hopefully I’ll continue to make progress.

In other gaming news, I beat The Last of Us Remastered earlier this year. I missed it on the PS3, really enjoyed playing through it. I don’t feel like I ever got very good at it, but it’s got one of the best video game stories I’ve seen. Meanwhile on the Wii U, still making my way through Captain Toad, which is a far cry from zombies and plagues.

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