Peeps Galore

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I think marshmallow peeps are disgusting, but some people love them. Julia sent along a link to the results of a Peeps diorama contest. Two of the darker entries caught my attention: Reservoir Peeps (16) and Soylent Green is Peeps (17).


TiVo March Madness suggestion

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During the Maryland-Butler game, the TiVo thought that maybe I’d like to switch over to watch some high school basketball. Nice try, but not a chance. Computers can be so silly sometimes. Today’s games were spectacular, even though some of them were marred by horrificly un-clutch free throw shooting. Fortunately my bracket is in shambles so I can cheer wholeheartedly for upsets, the Pac-10, and the Big East (Big East Hoops has converted me).


Duck romance

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Yesterday I took a short walk along the river. I don’t think I realized what was going on until it was over. But it was well-documented. NSFW for ducks.


Dinosaur Comics

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Yesterday I was catching up on some blog reading and came across the 12 funniest people on the Internet. I started reading Dinosaur Comics and became instantly hooked.

The comic features the exact same panels for every strip. There are three dinosaurs and they talk about everything from grammar to puns to encryption to a guy named Lee. It’s a bit less geeky than my other favorite webcomic, XKCD.

Ah, and here’s one that made me think of Chris.


Kids on sports

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Overheard at the Everett Costco mini-food-court, one boy to his friend:

“Beckham’s getting like $205 million for five years. That’s so much money! Pedro only gets $52 million over five years. It’s because soccer is a harder game to play. The forwards are running around all the time.”

Good thing Lee wasn’t there, or he might have smacked the kid.


Recently Dugg on the Sidebar

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Digg is not the best source of news, but it certainly is amusing. Lots of fun YouTube videos and an occasional interesting blog post or article. Comments are usually good for a laugh too. Users submit links and other users digg it up or bury it down. For the most part I only monitor the popular stories.

I threw together a quick-and-dirty WordPress plugin to show the last 10 things that I dugg in the sidebar. You can do it by sourcing some Javascript from digg (it just does document.write()s – no JSON). Rather than rely on that, I curl it every few minutes and source the local copy instead.

A quick scan of the current headlines makes me quite happy.


Video games in The Office

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The Office - Call of Duty

Already my favorite show on TV, The Office stepped it up this week by including some multiplayer gaming. Jim, who recently transferred to this branch, is quite the n00b.


Electric Massage

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electric massage

Kent, our favorite ambassador of Japanese, Mormon, and Alaskan culture, has been extolling the virtues of the electric massage, a practice common among young Japanese boys. The person performing the massage grabs the ankles of the recipient and rubs his (or her) foot rigorously in the recipient’s crotch. I’ve seen Kent demonstrate this twice: once on a willing volunteer (who later felt nostalgic) and once on a not-so-willing volunteer (sorry to bring back bad memories, Jimming).

In any case, we’ve always been a little skeptical of this practice. But it’s hard to deny it’s existence when it shows up in a place like this. Click to see where this little sketch is being displayed.

This brilliant image comes by way of Joy, who saw it here.


At least she’s paying attention

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Kid’s mom mistakes Castlevania FAQ for murder plans.


Space Invaders with human pixels

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Kind of mesmerizing. Watch the movie.

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