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Hung out with Olive and Lucy (and their parents, Ben and Lauren) earlier this week. They wouldn’t let Lucy near me because she is not a big fan of strangers. Olive got to hang out for a bit on my finger, but she quickly scurried up my arm to my shoulder.

The parrots were very good with their feet – able to hold on with one foot while eating with with the other.


Cuddling cats

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I arrived home after dinner to find my bed invaded by cats. Sheamus had burrowed his way under the comforter while Annabelle was napping above. He came out and they decided to take a nap together. Usually they keep out of each other’s way and sometimes get into loud catfights, so this was quite a cute surprise. Several hours later they were back to their old tricks – I heard some growling and hissing and saw Annabelle leaving the room.


Cat update

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Our radio-frequency controlled clock knows when to fall back, as do my cell phone and computer. No such luck with hungry cats. Sheamus and Annabelle have been visiting for the past two weeks and have been up to their old tricks – chasing each other around the house, sleeping on the ottoman, jumping all over the kitchen counters, and playing with our guests.

A few weeks ago, Guinness came to visit. We were surprised by his girth, but eventually got used to his size. He was quite a character.


Summertime companions

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Even though my lovely wife decided to leave for another summer, she was able to find me some roommates. For the past several months, Sheamus and Annabelle have been keeping me company. Sheamus (the Shameless) craves attention and is quite loud. The first time I met him over at his house, he immediately jumped into my lap and sat there for half an hour. He has been the life of every dinner I’ve hosted this summer. Annabelle is more cat-like in her demeanor, but still quite friendly on the cat scale. She has become more demanding in the past few weeks, tapping my hand while I’m typing to let me know that she’d like to be pet. They are both beautiful animals, full of personality. They are also quite tolerant of being chased around, hugged, and photographed.

Tonight is their last night here and I’ll be quite sad to see them go. It’s been a fun summer! Thanks to Joanna for entrusting me with her children, Jen for setting everything up, and the cats for being such good companions.


No more pets

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Jen and Jordi came by last night to pick up Fred and George. I was quite sad to see them go, especially because they were finally starting to feel comfortable in the house and around us. Fred was still on the timid side but I took comfort in the fact that he continued to hide under the bed even when Jen (A. M.) tried to coax him out.

Random observations:

  • Only George knew how to open doors that we left a bit open – he was quite good at sticking his paw into doors that opened towards him and getting up on his hind legs to push doors that opened away from him.
  • The cats like turkey (I fed them while making sandwiches for myself).
  • One night I left a half-consumed can of cat food on the counter. A few minutes after turning off the lights, I heard the spoon fall out of the can. Coming out to investigate, I heard one of the cats jumping off the counter. It seems that they know they’re not supposed to be on counters and tables.
  • George is awesome at catching his red and white octopus with his front legs.

All in all, it was a fun experience, and I’m glad that Jen and Jordi trusted me with their beloved pets.


Pet sitting

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Since Jen won’t let me get pets of my own, my only option is to babysit other people’s pets. Jen and Jordi are away and letting me take care of two of their cats (Fred and George) for a few days. They spent most of the first two days under the bed, refusing to come out. Lately they have been more adventurous. Assorted highlights:

  • One or both of them have stepped on me in the middle of the night.
  • Every night I put canned food out for them. On the first night I left the food out and I was worried that they wouldn’t eat it. Two nights later they both came out from the bedroom when they heard the sound of the can opening. Tonight they wandered between the kitchen and bedroom, anticipating their dinner. They started meowing loudly when they saw me opening the can.
  • When I’m petting him, George will nudge my free hand with his head. He needs a lot of attention.
  • Fred is the more timid of the two – he spends more time underneath the bed but seems to be warming up to me.
  • The Roomba is great for picking up cat hair and getting the cats out from underneath the bed.
  • Fred is great at hiding – it took me a while to find him sitting on a chair, hidden by the tablecloth. He also hid in the closet once.
  • It’s quite satisfying (though easy) to get both cats purring by petting them.
  • I think I’m slightly allergic to them, but it hasn’t been that bad so far. I bought some allergy medicine just in case.
  • It’s nice to have some company while Jen is away.