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First week here is coming to a close. Random observations:

Time difference: This is throwing me totally off. It’s weird to have to apply the +3hrs to people on the east coast instead of -3hrs to people on the west coast. I’ve already missed making a few calls home.
Sports: I missed ALCS Games 3 and 4 because they were on at work and while I was at dinner. I had to leave work a bit early to catch Game 5 (which was probably the most unbelievable game I’ve seen). Miss the feeling of going to sleep right after the game as well as the post-game buzz and sleepiness that pervades the New England area after a game like that.
Commute: When I go into the office, it’s over 20 miles each way.
Social plans: It’s pretty hard to coordinate, especially with a single car. Jen took the train back from SF yesterday and arrived at 118am at the train station, which was 4 miles away.
Home: We’re in corporate housing, which is pretty nice. Have been swimming in the evenings since exercise is no longer built into my daily routine.
Worldly possessions: Most of our stuff is still in storage. The items I wish I had pulled out before they were packed: my monitor calibration tool and Joby tripod. Would have been nice to have my Wii Fit game disc too, since without it the balance board (which I had kept with me in Cambridge) is a paperweight.
Weather: There’s less moisture in the air, so mornings are chilly and afternoons are hot.
Hanging out with the wife: Not surprisingly, this has been good.
Grant “getting in” on my cooking: It didn’t take him long, but he found me and I made him dinner.


Goodbye, Seasons

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New acquaintances are sometimes surprised to hear that I’m from California and that I’ve been living here for 11 years. Most West Coast transplants end up leaving after they finish school, citing something to the effect of the winters being too cold.

New England weather is an interesting beast. Sure, you might walk out into sauna-like conditions in the summer or a slushy, disgusting ice storm in the winter. But every season brings it’s share of memorable days – there are the warm evenings of Summer; the cool, crisp, colorful mornings of Fall; peaceful snowfalls of Winter; and perfect, gorgeous days of Spring. Bostonians certainly appreciate their weather. I realize that it’s perverse to suggest that even though I love good weather, I don’t want good weather all of the time. I love watching the surroundings transform.

From a photographer’s standpoint, the weather is a godsend. It makes for some dramatic photos, and the threat of rain at any time of year means that you don’t have to wait for winter to bring along a cloudy day with its soft, diffuse lighting. There are two events in particular that I look forward to above all others: the Public Garden tulips in spring and the leaves changing color in the fall. Come to think of it, I really appreciated these things even before capturing it all in photographs.

When it comes down to it, I like good weather, bright colors, and snow. It’s been nice to have all of them within easy reach.

Photos of some pretty leaves.



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It was a bit windy and cloudy when I left work today. I stopped by the grocery store, and when I came out the western sky was full of ominous dark grey clouds. It was drizzling lightly. A minute later, it started pouring, with the rain coming down so forcefully that the windshield wipers had trouble keeping the view clear. Flashes of lightning lit up the darkened sky. Powerful. Awesome. Spectacular. And quite refreshing, dropping the temperature from an uncomfortable, humid 90 to a pleasant 74.