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I was adding links to feeds on doGooder a few nights ago. I wanted to create some ‘subscribe to this feed’ links for various RSS readers, so I started hunting around for the appropriate icons. I stumbled upon FeedBurner (via several sources, including vitamin).

Point Feedburner at your feed and point your users to Feedburner – they’ll see a page like this (all good deeds) or this (approved good deeds). The original feed is in Atom, but Feedburner converts it to whatever format is required. And it provides all of the nice little icons.

Feedburner does other stuff as well – the subscription tracking looks quite nice. Will be playing around with it more.



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Yesterday dreamhost just upgraded to a new version of rails, taking doGooder down with it.

While fixing the problem (by following directions to temporarily revert to Rails 1.0), it was kind of lonely:

[admiralty]$ date
Wed Mar 29 06:58:38 PST 2006
[admiralty]$ who
wingerz  pts/0        Mar 29 05:40 ...
wingerz  pts/3        Mar 29 05:40 ...
wingerz  pts/4        Mar 29 06:58 ...
psq      pts/7        Mar 29 00:02 ...
wingerz  pts/13       Mar 28 21:02 ...

Not used to having nearly the entire server to myself.

Also, last week while setting up a cronjob to update the database, I invented a time machine.

[admiralty]$ date
Wed Mar 29 07:02:22 PST 2006
[admiralty]$ date
Wed Mar 29 07:02:21 PST 2006

It only goes 1 second backwards, but it’s a start.